Tests on Photovoltaic Inverters


Power up to 90 kW

Our laboratories can perform efficiency tests on photovoltaic inverters up to 90 kW.

Efficiency tests

Moreover, our laboratory can provide the following international standards:

  • Eficiência de seguidor do ponto de máxima potência (SPMP) em condição estática e dinâmica;
  • Eficiência total ponderada (Euro e CEC);
  • Ensaio segundo a Norma EN 50530.
  • Ensaio de eficiência de conversão de inversores fotovoltaicos segundo as normas IEC 61683 para diversos pontos de operação;
  • Ensaio segundo a Norma IEC 61683.
  • Ensaio de eficiência ponderada de conversão (CEC e EURO);
  • Determinação da máxima potência contínua de saída em alta temperatura, segundo a norma Sandia Test Protocol  “Performance Test Protocol for Evaluating Inverters Used in Grid‐Connected Photovoltaic Systems”;
  • Ensaio segundo a Norma CEC Sandia Guidelines 2005.​

Do you want to realize another test?

Facilities for tests realization

List of tests and voltage


Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverters

Test procedures NBR 16149, NBR 16150 and NBR IEC 62116


For labeling purposes, it’s considered INMETRO ordinance n°004, of January 4th, 2011, modified by INMETRO ordinance n°357, of August 1st, 2014. These ordinances contain some tests and refer to tests described by three other standards: ABNT NBR 16149, ABNT NBR 16150 e ABNT NBR 62116.

Only ILAC accredited laboratories can perform those tests.  The INRI laboratory is accredited by INMETRO, which is ILAC signatory under nº CRL 1322.

The inverters must be in accordance with ALL the requirements determined by INMETRO ordinance n° 004, of January 4th, 2011, modified by INMETRO ordinance n° 357, of August 1st, 2014. 

The inverter register has validity of 1 (one) year. So, for holding the labeling of a determined model, the legal representative of the product must perform, every year, new tests on ILAC laboratories.

The product registration is performed on the “Orquestra” system of INMETRO. For more information: https://orquestra.inmetro.gov.br/

No, the laboratory is only responsible for performing the tests and providing to the customer a report in electronic format (PDF). All the registration process on “Orquestra” system it’s made by the product legal representative in Brazil. 

The tests reports issued by INRI are available on an electronic platform to verify its authenticity. This platform can be accessed through: www.ufsm.br/labensaios

The document access is restricted to who possess the alphanumeric key of 16 digits. That key is provided only to the customer by email at the end of the test. To check how the system works, access the model report 8888.8888.8888.8888

To perform the tests are necessary 2 (two) samples of each model.

The time is varying according to the complexity of the test and handling of the item to be tested. That depends on the power of the inverter, connection type (single-phase or three-phase) and number of maximum power followers. To obtain this information, request a budget informing all the technical data of the inverters to be tested.

The amount charged is varying according to the complexity and time required to perform the tests. Those factors are quantified in function of the nominal potency of the inverter, nominal tensions A.C., type of connection (single-phase or three-phase) and number of maximum power followers. To obtain this information, request a budget informing all the technical data of the inverters to be tested. It is suggested that customers send the datasheet of the equipment.

After the budget request, a payment of 50% of the value of the proposal must be made for the tests be reserved in the laboratory agenda.

The customer is responsible for the formalities to move the samples from their origin place until the laboratory and vice and verse. The laboratory is responsible only for the opening and packaging of the samples. All the costs for transportation of the samples are from customer responsibility and it is not including on the proposal provided by INRI.

The samples must to be send by shipping company or post offices. The INRI address is Av. Roraima n° 1000, building 9E, room 117, district: Camobi, city: Santa Maria, state: Rio Grande do Sul, CEP 97105-900, mailbox: 5101